About us

Briefly about us:

Our company is on the Slovenian market since 1997, initially through NAPI, MetkaNapotniks.p., later via Metekd.o.o., which was merged to NAPI d.o.o. in september 2015. The owner of the company is MetkaNapotnik,its legal representative is Andrej Napotnik.

Our company is registered for construction of residential and non-residential buildings and for providing of the temporary work force. We are registered for providing workers to the users in Slovenia. We also have all the necessary permits to carry out our activities in Austria and Germany.

Vision of our company

Our vision is to become the most successful company engaged in carpentry, masonry, facade and reinforcing ironwork for larger construction companies in Slovenia. We wish to expand our work to the European market, mainly Belgium, Germany and Austria.

We seek the satisfaction of our employees and invest in their development. Therefore we:

create a stimulating working environment,

enable continuing educationto our employees,

new employees are included in the mentoring process, which enables rapid acquisition of knowledge,

provide autonomy at work,

we offer our employees the possibility of promotion based on achievement of results and behaviors that promote positive organizational structure,

we provide a healthy and safe working environment.

Employees have:



Facade makersk

Reinforcing Ironworker

Construction worker


Our employees get:

medical examination,

training for safe work,

employment for a definite or indefinite period, with the probationary period,

clothing and all necessary protective equipment,

work on building sites in Slovenia,

provided and paid for accommodation and transport to building sites,

wage and other labor costs in line with the Slovenian legislation,

promotion opportunities.